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“Infrastructure testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant”

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 11:45–12:30 (Room E2)
45-minute talk by Carlos Sanchez

Extend Continuous Integration to automatically test your infrastructure.

Continuous Integration can be extended to test deployments and production environments, in a Continuous Delivery cycle, using infrastructure-as-code tools like Puppet, allowing to manage multiple servers and their configurations, and test the infrastructure the same way continuous integration tools do with developers’ code.

Puppet is an infrastructure-as-code tool that allows easy and automated provisioning of servers, defining the packages, configuration, services, … in code. Enabling DevOps culture, tools like Puppet help drive Agile development all the way to operations and systems administration, and along with continuous integration tools like Jenkins, it is a key piece to accomplish repeatability and continuous delivery, automating the operations side during development, QA or production, and enabling testing of systems configuration.

Using Vagrant, a command line automation layer for VirtualBox, we can easily spin off virtual machines with the same configuration as production servers, run our test suite, and tear them down afterwards.

We will show how to set up automated testing of an application and associated infrastructure and configurations, creating on demand virtual machines for testing, as part of your continuous integration process.


Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez is specialized in automation and quality of software development, QA and operations processes, from build tools and continuous integration to deployment automation, speaking on the subject in several conferences around the world. Involved in Open Source for over ten years, he is a member of the Apache Software Foundation amongst other open source groups, contributing to several projects, like Apache Maven. Currently works as Architect at MaestroDev, a company focusing on development and DevOps tools, from his home in Spain.

Twitter: @csanchez




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