November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Agile Coaching Laboratory Masterclass on coaching

Martijn Nas

Experiencing what the new Agile learning format will be in the future

See how you could set up a masterclass in the new format of Agile learning?

Experience 1or2, of the more then 1000 NLP techniques, that help with to the most* valuable question from the participants. *determined there and then

Learn how to use these 1 or 2 NLP techniques directly in the next sprint. (By exercise these techniques there and then)

Understanding basic fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Agile Coaching Laboratory Masterclass on coaching

This is your FREE masterclass on coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming!

Why come to a class if you can't bring in your own curiosity, your own question on what to learn? Participants should have an active role in the content they need and want to learn.

This 150-minute Masterclass will be made by you!

The first part we elicit all learning question’s and place them on the ‘backlog’. After that we decide together, as a group, which issues match and which issues must be answered read what NLP coaching technique could one use on this issue and what would add the most value for the entire group in the Masterclass.

The next blok is reserved for showing, experience and exercise the specific technique the group asked for. When there is more time we take the next learning question of the back list and do it over again until time is up.

Therefore, as a trainer, I will follow the group in what has to (must) be learned. Instead of telling what I think (from behind my office desk) should be learned. Because behind my office desk is by definition not at your workplace, there where it happens!

Learning questions from past experiences:

- How could I deal with that on-acceptable behaviour of a team member?

- A person’s behaviour is so bad/irritating that I want to give up.

- Why does person A always have a conflict with person B?

- What to do with limiting believes?

- How to get spirit back in my team?

- When to stop investing individuals?

- How to challenge individuals to become true team members?

- And many more ….

These questions are all wonderful questions that often can be solved with a NLP coaching technique. When you come to this masterclass you get answers that is most valuable to you.

This masterclass is not a 2 and half-hour presentation by a trainer, but you will experience and exercise with techniques so you can make them your own!

NLP techniques are known for their easy and clear steps so everyone can learn them.

Would you like to learn basic’s and exact tool out of NLP? Come to the class.

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