November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

(Testing) Expectations VS (Augmented) Reality

Aleksandar Zeljković

Testing in Augmented/Mixed reality.

Not so obvious things to test in AR.

Quality metrics in AR.


(Testing) Expectations VS (Augmented) Reality

All those struggling with AR/MR test domain will learn to take a few shortcuts in their daily work.

Those SciFi, futuristic glasses are finally here! I can see how would the furniture fit my empty living room, surgeons can see the bloodstream before they make a cut and kids are chasing some invisible creatures. From a user perspective, the UX has evolved to a whole new level and endless opportunities are here. From a tester perspective, things are not so bright. Tester doesn’t know what to test, he cannot write Selenium tests for his AR and he hit the toe on a piece of furniture while he was trying to break his app. But don’t be afraid, someone already had all of these issues and he can help you to overcome this frustration.

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