November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Testing the Internet of Elevators

Learn what it means to test an IoT-platform built from scratch.

Future is now and Internet of Things is no longer a fancy expression but a reality of today’s world. Two years ago I got lucky to join a team developing a cloud-based IoT platform for elevators from scratch and help them test it.

It turned out the project involved a lot of technologies that none of us had ever worked with – elevators, CAN bus, 3G/LTE mobile networks and modems, MQTT protocol, serverless, over-the-air updates, raspberry Pi computers, and AWS IoT to name a few.

So what does it mean for a tester to test such a platform? What is it made of? How to learn all these technologies?

While it sounds quite challenging, it’s also doable. In the talk, I’ll present the architecture of the solution developed by our team so that you can better understand what to expect from an IoT project and prepare.

For illustration purposes, I’ll show how exploratory testing helped me understand the elevators language and create a virtual elevator for further testing.

And as an another example, I’ll also demonstrate the basics of testing an MQTT API as compared to a well-known REST API.

After the talk, you should be able to hop on an IoT project of your choice and have fun testing it.

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