November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

The exciting parallels between cycling and testing!

Nick van den Heuvel

Feeling well starts with achieving small goals. It will give you confidence and inspires to set bigger goals.

The magic happens if you get out of your comfort zone. So take the risk!

You can only focus, if you defocus enough.

There is a time for everything, be aware of this and you can grow and get better.


The exciting parallels between cycling and testing!

How to beat yourself and improve your best!

Cycling competions and the test world have many exciting parallels. I would like to share what I have discovered.

Have you ever been in a team which didn’t perform? Is there too much chaos around you? Are you not feeling well at your job? Do you have the feeling that you and your team can achieve more? It’s never too late to set new goals and improve your best!

In 2005, after a break from competition of 4 years, I fell in love again with mountainbiking. As soon I got on the bike, I relived the passion,
got a clear mind and started to set new goals. Nine years later I grab the first place at the national MTB marathon championship after learning how to focus,

set goals, improve my physical, mental and technical skills. Of course I had some talent, but specifically my mindset, selfreflection, energy and mentality made the big difference in getting that title.

During those years biking I discovered a lot of parallels with my job as a tester. I would like to share what I learned on the bike and give insight how to get get a grip on your job, be in control, improve your team and feel great.

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