November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Agile Leadership

Roles, Responsibilities, and Real Life Examples

Leadership isn't just the next career step - it's a whole new job! How can we become the leaders our teams (and the world!) need?

Becoming a leader isn’t just a next career step – it’s a whole new job and a whole new set of challenges. Despite this, people are generally unprepared or have very few concrete expectations about what going into leadership means. This can be a risk – for the leader themself and for the people they are going to lead.

On the other hand, good leaders who want their position and who know how to improve at leadership are worth a great deal. How can we make sure that we ourselves become the kind of leaders the world needs – or how can we help other (potential) leaders around us to do that?

In this talk, Ashley and Alex will share their experiences of leadership. We’ll start with a brief introduction to our own paths from individual contributor to leader and then do a breakdown of what the role involves – tasks, expectations, skills and behaviour.

We’ll examine what a (potential) leader can do to understand their role better and we’ll share tips and tricks to reflect, learn and stay (relatively!) sane and healthy in the role.

Finally, we’ll look at how leaders work with individual contributors and what both sides can be aware of in communication to make it smoother for all parties.

Come to this talk if you already are a leader (in whatever capacity), if you think you might want to be one – or if you just want to understand better what’s going on in the heads of your own leadership team!

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