November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Can Heu-risk It? Thinking laterally to mitigate risk

Learn how to use "Would Heu-Risk It" cards to discover unexpected risks and strengthen your testing strategy

Join us for a game of Would Heu-Risk It! Combine risk analysis with practical heuristics with a dose of fun to keep new testing ideas coming as we focus on delivering value to our customers.

As we gain testing experience and domain expertise, we start making better decisions about which risks to mitigate and which can be ignored for now. However, it’s easy to get stuck in the same patterns and turn a blind eye to other risks and priorities. In short: we risk failing to pay enough attention and overlook critical testing we should have done.

Join us for a game of “Would Heu-risk it?”! In this workshop, you’ll get to try a simulation that combines risk analysis with practical heuristics, and a big dash of fun! Gamifying your classic risk analysis helps us overcome unconscious biases and think laterally as we plan our testing. Playing may also entice non-testers to join the party and learn exploratory testing skills. Tried-and-true techniques combined with a new approach mean better outcomes for our customers!

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