Great testers ensure its good AI

While Good people create good AI; Great testers ensure its good AI.

In the current digital world, Artificial intelligent solutions are defining the way we work, our communication, manufacturing, health management, interaction with banks. These already Intelligent applications are a challenge for testers like us to certify they are good as their behaviour is non-deterministic; even for the same input, can exhibit different behaviours on different runs.

The key challenges I faced while testing AI centric applications is getting the right test date, identifying algorithms, predicting the expected outcome & behaviour of the system as intelligent applications are non-deterministic as they behave differently as and when they learn over time.

AI has already picked up pace across various industry sectors with the aim of deriving business value in terms of enhanced customer experience, new sources of revenue and cost reduction. With the advent of cloud computing, open source, AI will soon be in mainstream adoption. Assuring the quality of an AI application will become highly critical to ensure correctness of an AI based applications. As opposed to traditional applications, testing of AI applications becomes extremely complex due to their non-deterministic and probabilistic nature, ever-changing behaviour based on learnings and non-linear inputs (e.g. voice, conversational text, images/videos etc.).

I will  talk about the challenges I faced with testing AI centric applications compared to traditionally built applications, share unique testing solutions and test strategies including Test objects, testing smart algorithms, testing of Voice User Interface (VUI), testing of Chat-bots, testing of robots, testing of cobots, Testing Augmented reality/virtual reality applications.

While it is extremely difficult to achieve a 100% test coverage, the techniques and best practices highlighted in my talk are aimed to assure that the AI applications achieve the defined acceptance criteria / DoD and confidence levels to make the application available for wide scale adoption. While Good people create good AI; Great testers ensure its good AI.

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