November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Let's Start Learning Elixir — Together

Let's learn something different!

Since even small computers, such as Raspberry PIs, have multi-core CPUs, functional programming is becoming more and more popular. Its approach to programming changes the way software is built. Knowing about this technique, can help in finding new ways of testing.

Let’s get started in learning Elixir together!

In this session we will take the first steps in using Elixir: Installing it, using the interactive Elixir shell and writing small programms. We’ll look into some of the basic blocks that make up Elixir programs:

Functions (of course)

Pattern matching (reducing if-then-else constructions)

Passing functions as function arguments (yes, this sounds odd)

Recursion (technically simple, but not easy to master)

At the end of the workshop we should have a good experience in the basics of Elixir and are ready to dig deeper into functional thinking.

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