November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Let's talk about ethics and software development

Tobias Geyer

The understanding that ethics shouldn't be neglected just because the software under test isn't related to medicine or autonomous driving

Starting points and examples for discussions about ethics

An overview of available codes of ethics

Practical experience how to discuss ethics

An approach how ethical considerations can be incorporated into the development process


Let's talk about ethics and software development

News about unethical software hit mainstream media but many developers and testers still think that this topic doesn't affect them. It's time to change that!

Many presentations about ethics in software development and testing stay on a theoretical level. If one cares about this topic and wants to become an ethical software tester or developer that’s not enough.

This talk/workshop combination connects real examples of ethically questionable features with existing codes of ethics. It explains why testers are good ethics advocates, offers starting points for discussions about ethics and provides an approach for the testing of ethical implications of features.

The workshop part will bring participants in practical contact with ethical problems. It will contain short theory blocs followed by exercises which allow the participants to apply the theory to real life examples.

During the exercises participants form small groups which must discuss and come to a consensus how to deal with specific situations. Those start with generic ethically questionable scenarios and get specific with software development and testing specific examples.

The workshop will end with practical tips on how to develop ethical software as a team and how to detect and address ethically questionable situations.

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