November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Questioning Requirements in Agile Way

Improving Quality For Everyone

Importance and team approach how to elicit and refine requirements

Has your team faced a situation with a stakeholder or product owner who didn’t really have a product vision? Or has your team been confronted with one-line user stories, and not been sure exactly what to deliver? Software requirements have a huge influence on the end product. In an agile setting it is a team sport to elicit and refine requirements and choose the order in which to implement them! An essential part in defining requirements is to question them to find hidden assumptions and mistakes early as possible and to make sure that everyone on a team has shared understanding.

In this hands-on session, all participants will work in groups in a simulation and get to practice ways to take user stories and start questioning those. What is the goal? Who will benefit from the story? Why should you implement it? These are only few of questions we will ask. After the session all handouts and tools we used in simulation will be available for download.

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