November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


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The Sociotechnical Path to High-Performing Teams

We all want to work on teams that are productive, efficient, and happy ... so why aren't we? The solutions are sociotechnical, & can (and must) come from every member of the team (not only managers)

Most teams spend >40% of their time doing work that doesn't move the business forward. This is frustrating, demoralizing, and unnecessary, and companies with high-performing teams will ultimately win.

A chasm is opening up between the world’s best high-performing teams, and the rest of us. According to the DORA report, the top 7% of elite teams now get code to users 25,555x faster than the bottom half of all teams, deploy 46x more frequently, and restore service from incidents in 2666x less time … but while we’re all theoretically using the same languages, tools, and processes, the performance gap is actually widening with each year. WTF Is going on?!? Are the majority of teams just doomed to mediocrity? Is this a skill gap (spoiler: no), a tooling problem, or a matter of culture? Most importantly, how can you help YOUR team level up and function at an elite level? Let’s talk through the social and technical strategies that great teams all of the world are using to be happier and more productive…and make their users happy too.

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