November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Wander With A Purpose

Writing Charters For Your Exploratory Test Sessions

Do you chase weird bugs only to forget the purpose of your testing? We’ll practice writing charters, and see how that affects what information we uncover while pursuing thoughtful questions.

Ever find yourself in the middle of some weird behavior in your software wondering how you got there and whether anyone will care about what you find? Do you get the “why were you even looking there?” question when you report bugs? In my years of practice pair and mob testing with testers and developers from my product teams, I’ve see how easy it is to spend time getting lost in the product without looking for the information you need. Get lost no more! Learn to stay on track while capturing all the roads less travelled you discover while exploratory testing by using charters.

In this workshop, we’ll experiment with testing whatever we want without a focus and compare that to more focused exploratory testing using charters. We’ll see how writing charters affects what information we uncover. We’ll get feedback on the specificity of our charters when we hand them off to other participants and review their test reports. We’ll practice describing our ability to go down multiple levels into thoughtful questions about our product. And we’ll discover how focusing our testing through charters changes the story we tell about our testing to our stakeholders.

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