Connecting Unconscious Biases from Investing to Testing

Let’s make the invisible visible - and understand how unconscious biases impacts our of our testing work & how others perceive our work

Uncovering unconscious biases from Financial Investing to the context of Testing to explore our constraints and ways to overcome them in our decision-making process to deliver quality results.

Have you ever wondered what influences your decision making process…? How does that impact your testing work & other people’s perception of your work…?

As an Investing enthusiast who has studied unconscious biases in Financial Investing, I’m applying this knowledge to the testing context for you to gain valuable insights & take new actions in your decision making process to deliver high-quality results.

Let’s get aware of the invisible hand that drives our assumptions, beliefs and you’ll understand how Investing biases applied to the testing context can: -Shape our interpretation of our testing results -Impact our perception of our work to others -See the influence of ‘what’ we test and ‘how’ we test it For example, the Familiarity bias from Investing (investing in what you know) and see how it applies to testing: when testing what we know & how it can influence and limit us.

These actions influence the outcome of your testing projects & you can leverage this to your investing portfolio also! A win win situation! Show up to get insight into your investing & testing decisions to have a more conscious and intentional approach in your decision-making process and harness some new superpowers!

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45-minute Keynote

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary

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25-minute Talk

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