You can’t control the bugs, you can only adjust your tests!

Let’s explore the journey of what testing and sailing have in common

What are the parallels between testing and sailing…? As these are two of my passions, I’ve discovered these are both adventures that seek a destination and deal with unknowns along with having fun!

What do sailing and testing have in common…? As a Sailing enthusiast who has cruised in the US & Caribbean - I’ve discovered that sailing is about preparation, being ready for the unknown and teamwork! Lots of similarities to my experience as a QA Engineer in NYC.

As a sailor and a tester, I see common practices and applications across the two disciples such as understanding the system, context and seeing signals for potential issues! From preparing to sail, checking the lines and hauling up the sails - these are all planning, design and execution skills! It’s also about what we can’t control - the wind, the boom swinging around or a fender falling off!

We are dealing with unknowns - and reacting to any situation! Instincts, foresight & experience are key elements of handling any situation and being safe! And just like in testing! As we learn from each sail and seek to continually learn - so is the world and context of testing!

Let’s explore the similarities between the two disciples to get:

  • Following preparation, processes and tests on boat
  • How rigging a boat can be seen as an integration test! There are many different pieces of rigging that work together to haul a sail up
  • How testing applies to sailing - in understanding context and dealing with known and unknowns of a system
  • Using tools to get clarity, help with navigation to get to our destination
  • Building communication structures and it takes teamwork to dock a boat

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