Agile Testing Days & COVID-19

On-Site Security

Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our customers, sponsors, speakers, employees and of course everyone’s families. We have been and are very closely watching the COVID-19 situation, any updates from the WHO and local health authorities.

To protect everyone’s health, we will employ a safety plan in collaboration with the hotel and health officials to ensure a safe conference.

We will follow the regulations and legal framework made by the German government. The valid rules for November are unknown yet, but our highest priority is the safety and protection of our attendees.

Once we know the November rules we will inform all our attendees and will let them know our safety concept or whatever regulations will apply for the Agile Testing Days Conference.

However, should the situation change, so that the conference will have to be postponed or cancelled, you can count on the refund of your payment.

Our Current Covid-19 Regulations

Access Rules: Fully vaccinated, recovered or negative tested people only.

On-site Regulations:

Ticket Cancellation Rules: Free ticket cancellation is possible at any time before the conference starts as long as it is affected by Covid-19. Otherwise our usual cancellation rules of our terms and conditions apply.

We look forward to welcoming you to AgileTD in Potsdam this November!