November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


What is this Hybrid Edition?

With introducing the Hybrid edition, we want to give everyone worldwide the chance to attend AgileTD 2020. This is the first time that AgileTD is not only taking place in Potsdam/Germany, but also virtually around the globe.


You decide if you participate:

On-site Icon

with us - in Potsdam - live and in colour - safe-distance meeting the rest of the on-site crowd.

Due to the current situation and for safety reasons, tickets are highly limited - be quick to safe your seat!

On-site Icon

from your desk, your couch, your bathtub from wherever you can and want to join us from afar.

You may ask yourself why we are still doing parts of it on-site. We are not ignoring the pandemic. We do not want to see anyone get sick. We do not want to get sick ourselves. If the number of infections will stay as low in Germany as they currently are, we are looking forward to a very fun AgileTD 2020.

We will have a safety plan installed ( and will do everything we can to keep all of you and us safe.

We do know many of you will not be able to come. We do know some of you do not want to be on-site.

We totally understand that and would still like you to have the option to be with us, online, and to learn from our amazing speakers and their experiences.

Please also have a look at the blog post of José Díaz, founder of AgileTD, to find out more about our decision to run a hybrid event:

The on-site event ...

will follow all official regulations to keep us safe and healthy, while enjoying the 2 tutorial days and the 4-day conference. There will only be a certain number of people allowed in every room.

Even on-site, we plan to stream the Keynotes to various rooms so everyone can see it live. You will be amazed by the awesome program consisting of:

  • 14 inspiring keynotes
  • 93 engaging talks
  • 29 bonus sessions
  • 19 energizing sport & activity sessions
  • fun social events & evening shows
  • 11 hands-on tutorials
  • 39 interactive workshops

On top of your on-site experience, you will get full access to the online event and material, chat rooms and all recorded sessions. Visit our on-site AgileTD news booth to interact with the global online community.

For pricing information, please have a look here:

Due to health regulations space is highly limited. As of now, we can only allow 150 attendees at the live conference. Although this might change in the next months, you better be quick and safe your spot.

ONLINE AND ON-SITE Attendees can watch all talk & keynote replays as all talks and keynotes will be recorded. Thus, there is no reason to rush through the live event. Take your time and interact with the on-site crowd and follow our live broadcast actions.

Our speakers also have the choice to be on-site or to stay at home. Speakers will be presenting either from the live stage or live from their homes. Everyone needs to decide what is best for him/her/them.

To sum it all up, we are combining the best of the two worlds. We are stepping on new ground with AgileTD Hybrid and hope you will accompany us on this exciting journey. All we need is you to join the global AgileTD family and prepare the ground for the greaTEST agile testing festival!

Whatever you choose, we are doing our very best to create an amazing, safe and enjoyable conference experience for you.

We look forward to welcoming you at our AgileTD 2020 Hybrid edition!

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