November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Cosima Laube

Cosima Laube

Cosima studied Computer Science as well as Psychology and worked over 12 years as an (agile) software engineer for healthcare, finance and automotive companies. She has been handling various tech stacks from embedded software to big "enterprisy" client-server solutions while always keeping an extra eye on software quality and testing. Focussing more on people and coaching she finally found her place „between coding and leadership“ and her mission is raising awareness for 'everything human' while still speaking the technical language. In her current role she often helps with parsing information and debugging communication between engineers, architects, product people and management. Despite counting herself more to the introverts, Cosima enjoys speaking at conferences and being an active part of different (professional) communities. To recharge from work, you usually find her outdoors in running shoes.

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