November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Beyond the bugs

The full value of testing

Testing is far too often valued by finding bugs and checking quality. We can do much more with our discipline, and should show how.

I’m getting bored with bugs. Not because they aren’t an important part of what we do in software development and testing, not because I’ve been finding bugs for a long while now, and certainly not because there aren’t any new and interesting bugs to find! I’m bored with them because it seems to me that’s all anyone wants to talk about when we talk about the role of testing in an organization. Which is the equivalent of saying the role of a developer is to press “compile;” a vital step, but hardly the entirety of our work or value.

So I want to go beyond the bugs. More importantly, I want to take our fellow testers, our colleagues, our managers, users, clients, and bring them beyond bugs as well. Let’s together explore the world and value of testing that lies more in the creative, exploring, interpersonal and empathetic side, and see if we can shine a light on all the other parts of testing that make it a unique, powerful and downright fun thing to do.

Join me as we look at risk management, impact analysis, information gathering, product discovery, support enhancement, innovation potential and much more to find the full value of testing! Then bring it back to your organization and let’s all move beyond the bugs.

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