November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


AgileTD for Teams

Life, knowledge & fun is better if it’s shared in teams!

Join the ATDs with your team to boost up equally the level of know-how and skills among your colleagues to ensure a better performance and success of your Agile team and organization!

Why “De Agile Testers” from Netherlands join the Agile Testing Days always with the whole team


Learning, networking & having fun – all in one at the world’s greatest Agile Testing Festival. Six days full of hands-on workshops, expert talks, sessions for self-improvement, team building activities and loads of social events. The most intense and most valuable conference experience you can have!

Team Discounts*

Teams of 3-4: 15%
Teams of 5-6: 20%
Teams of 7-8: 25%
Teams of 9-10: 30%

To get one of our above listed team discounts or if you have a team of 11 or more, please send a message to

* Team discounts are not combinable with other discounts, they are also not on top of any specials. Team discounts applicable only on regular prices.

Reasons to join the Agile Testing Days as a Team

Does your team deserve a reward?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and make them happy while they can learn and have a good time!

Does your team need a performance boost?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and let them learn how to boost up the team’s performance with our sessions on how to build more effective teams and many more!

Does your team simply need a well-spent time-out?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days, give them a time-out from the daily business, let them learn something new and get your team back equipped with new skills and fully recharged batteries of motivation.

Does your team need to become more agile?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and build an Agile Superheroes Team with agile and testing superpowers!

Does your team need answers to solve their individual problems?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and let our experts help them to solve their problems!

Does your team need an inspirational & motivational boost?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and get inspired, hyped and motivated by all the new ideas, awesome atmosphere and the injection of the pure agile spirit!

Does your team need to learn new methods, practices, tools or skills?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days if you believe that hands-on sessions, face-to-face coaching and the power of being part of an awesome community will help your team to learn new essentials to lift them up to the next level!

Your team does not stand together?

Send your team to Agile Testing Days and they will come back as friends! Together they are strong – all for one and one for all!

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