November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Bring Harmony & Quality to Your Agile Testing with SpiraPlan

Adam Sandman

How SpiraPlan can help you manage your agile testing

Why you need consider risk management a part of your approach

How you can use SpiraPlan to help run larger agile projects

The dangers of micromanagement if you try and scale agile improperly


Bring Harmony & Quality to Your Agile Testing with SpiraPlan

Are you frustrated with the unnecessary complexity in managing your projects? Would you like to have one enterprise-ready platform for managing your requirements, tests, and sprints?

In this exciting presentation, Adam Sandman from Inflectra will discuss these challenges and outline how SpiraPlan can help you bring harmony to your enterprise

In this session, Adam from Inflectra will discuss how SpiraPlan, the flagship software test management and agile project management system can bring harmony to your software development and testing process.

Adam will introduce the common issues we see today in the market, including teams working in different tools (Jira, Microsoft ADO, GitLab, GitHub, etc.), lack of appreciation of quality by developers, and convoluted workflows and processes destroying productivity and hurting morale.

Adam will demonstrate how SpiraPlan can help you embrace harmony between your teams and deliver higher quality software more consistently.

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