November 10 – 12, 2020

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Homo Sapiens Experimentus

Let's do evolution all over again and build us a tester!!

We must be proud to be testers! Why? Because we have special abilities, I'll show you!

What would a tester look like if we could do evolution all over again? Would we look like anything human or more like an animal or something extra-terrestrial? And which characteristics would we have, physically and mentally? Well … … I will show you! I will dig deep into my own testers history and tell about my testing experiences from the past, my real stories. I will search for the qualities and competences I’ve needed and used to perform my work as a tester. Then I will put them all together in my specially created Super Evolutionary Machine (also known as SEM, I know it’s a bit corny, but anyway ;-). SEM will create the ideally shaped tester, taking all those parameters into account. Watch, and be in awe of the result!

The talk will point out what makes us testers special. And, once we are set free into the ICT wilderness, how we are always able to adjust to our surroundings and do the job. And what could be a better way explaining this than by comparing our abilities with the animal kingdom. I will give an insight in all kinds of challenges I’ve had during testing in the past and how I was able to cope with them. It will be accompanied by entertainment and improvisation, using a variety of comparisons with animals and more. A funny one to watch with a little serious twist in the end!

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