November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

How to keep testers motivated

Federico Toledo

The key challenges of motivating testers (for example: they’re not as well recognized as developers, typical relationship conflicts with other roles).

What’s special about their mindset and motivators (curiosity, clarity over ambiguity, obsession for perfection or improvement, etc.).

Action steps to take to motivate testers (special activities like workshops with a specific focus, day to day follow up focusing on their why, ...

Things you shouldn’t try because they don’t tend to work (for example: ask them to learn automation as the only way to grow, make them lead others ...

How the testers can manage the impatience to continue feeling motivated.


How to keep testers motivated

What makes a tester tick and what doesn’t

Anyone can do testing, but only good and motivated testers can do good testing.

Anyone can do testing, but only good and motivated testers can do good testing. The mindset of a tester is different than that of anyone else in a software development team, and so are their motivating factors. There are special difficulties to confront in our undervalued field that we must be aware of if we want to keep the motivation of our testers high. In order to help them grow, we must take proper care.

I started as a tester, I’ve lead testers and now, I am leading test leaders. I want to share my experiences and the lessons I and my fellow team leaders have learned during these years, to give you food for thought regarding the way you lead and take care of your testers, so they can grow and be more happy, motivated, realized, and do better testing.

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