NOV. 15 – 18, 2021

Quality coaching in transition

Eveline Moolenaars

Showing by doing

Doing = asking

Sketch the ultimate goal

Pushing is not an ugly word

Fun is part of the game


Quality coaching in transition

Navigating between push and pull

How to cope as a quality coach in transitioning organizations.

So, this test coordinator comes up to me and says: my users are talking directly to the engineers, so how am I ever supposed to be in control? And why do you teach the users how they can test? They are only supposed to act ‘as if they’re doing their daily job!’.

These reactions show the transitioning between the traditional waterfall world and the agile way of working.

How do you cope in such an environment as a quality coach? Full of enthusiasm for the agile way of thinking and of making quality a number one priority for the whole organization?

In my role as agile quality coach, I regularly face challenges of this kind and have experienced through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. That means using my own test knowledge and experience; knowledge about coaching, Agile and scrum; but especially experimenting and sometimes failing. How does that work in practice? Let me tell some of my stories about games, about making test cases together, about the failed improvement attempts and the importance of coaching at team ánd organizational level.

Are you looking for inspiration and tips to apply to your own organization? Come and join me!

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