November 10 – 12, 2020

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Bart Knaack has worked as a testmanager/ testadvisor at numerous companies, he has coached testers, build up test-teams and developed all kinds of processes, both in test, testsupport and overall quality management/improvement. He has spoken at several international conferences and is also a well known speaker at universities and colleges.

He is a true believer of Agile and Gamification. As co-founder of the Agile Games Market he knows the power of games and the role they can play in teaching the Agile Principles.

My favorite ATD moment Series - #1 Bart Knaack

My favorite ATD moment Series - #1 Bart Knaack

Hi all,

I am Bart Knaack, testing professional for over 20 years by now and frequent speaker at several (international) conferences, but the Agile Testing Days have always had a special place in m…

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