November 10 – 12, 2020

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About Ina Hölzel

Despite having studied Linguistics, American Cultural Studies, and Media Studies successfully, Ina decided for another path after uni. She traveled and worked around the globe and upon her return opted for self employement. She worked in Marketing, Software Engineering and has led different Dev Teams for over 6 years. Freedom, independence and reliability are her "pillars of the earth". She found all that in 2018 when she joined the Agile Testing Days team.

In her freetime you might see her hanging off some cliffs in the high mountains or talking to her cat like a lunatic.

Recap AgileTD Webinar “Quality Processes in an Agile Environment”

Recap AgileTD Webinar “Quality Processes in an Agile Environment”

Or How the Whole Team is Responsible for a Good Product or Service

On Tuesday, June 30, the AgileTD team was fortunate to host a webinar with the wonderful Lisa Crispin and Janet Greg…

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