November 10 – 12, 2020

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Andrej Thiele

Andrej Thiele

After his diploma in computer science at TU Dortmund 1999 Andrej begun his career as software developer for companies acting in various areas, e.g. digitalization of radios, telecommunication, mobile and embedded devices. In the year 2008 he started working as Senior Consultant in various projects supporting his customers in development, architecture and testing. His profession is building software from large enterprise to mobile and embedded systems using different technology stacks with a strong affinity to high quality code and agile testing. He improves his knowledge in Test Driven Development, Test Automation and DevOps continuously and uses these skills during his daily work. Since 2015 he is working as Senior Consultant for the Conciso GmbH in Dortmund. Besides his normal daily business he is responsible for organizing and realizing a coding dojo with the focus on test driven development and performing workshop about agile testing.

Sessions Hosted by Andrej Thiele

75-min Hands-on Workshop

Beginner session

Wednesday 11th
Room E2 + E3 - Track 5: Hands-on Track

30-minute New Voice Talk

All levels

Thursday 12th
Room F2 - Track 2: Talks

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