November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Clare Norman

Clare Norman

I am a colourful tester from beautiful North Wales. I have been working as an agile tester for just over 3 years with the last 2 years spent at Best Companies as the only tester.

My favourite definition of testing is organised skepticism. My love of stationery helps me to be organised! My favourite aspect of my job is exploratory testing as this is where science and creativity meet. I am happiest when I’m performing an activity that involves both logic and art – like a human venn diagram!

When I’m not destroying people’s dreams about software you can find me walking the hills and beaches of North Wales. I also love to bake and create art. My second home is Holland as that’s where my Mum was born and where a lot of my family are based.

Bonus fact: I was named after beautiful County Clare in Ireland!

Sessions Hosted by Clare Norman

30-minute New Voice Talk

All levels

Wednesday 11th

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